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We are a boutique Fitness Studio and Combat Sports Gym, offering the best possible combination of Group Fitness Classes, Thai-Kickboxing (Muay Thai), Classic Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Personal Training. Our classes are guaranteed small groups with attention to individual needs and personal customer service to ensure the best quality training possible. We are Qualitop Certified, an industry sign of quality and safety, recognised by health insurance companies.


We are committed to providing a friendly, non-inhibiting, high quality experience to people of all levels. Our experienced trainers/instructors are happy to show variations of exercises and levels allowing beginners as well as more advanced participants to have a great training. 

BXNG opened in 2016 under the name by founder Tina Mack Gallo, a fitness enthusiast who has been teaching for over 25 years in the U.S. and Switzerland.

During the past 7 years together with the experienced, professional team of Trainers and instructors, the offering developed into so much more than just Kickbox Aerobics. Therefore, we are very proud to announce the new name BXNG Fitness & Kampfsport (Martial Arts), which better encompasses all that we have to offer.





7 - 12 YEARS

Kids Kickboxing is a fun 60 minute training combining kickboxing techniques and strength training exercises suitable for children. Taught and practiced together on the boxing sacks as well as on the practice pads, both individually and in partner work. Kickboxing improves cardiovascular condition, coordination, an increase of strength and flexibility, as well as self discipline, respect and self confidence.


13 - 17 YEARS

Teens Thai Boxing is a 60 minute cardio, strength and endurance training with Thai Boxing techniques on a boxing sack and training pads, as well as individual training with the instructor. This is a training / fitness course, which as well teaches self discipline and respect. Thai Boxing improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles, improves motor skills and coordination. 


During the Advanced Teens Thai Boxing Course Sparring technique is learned and practiced in addition to the regular training. The Advanced training is 75 minutes. 

The Kids and Teens courses are fixed 6-month courses (November - April / May - October). 

It is possible to start in the middle of the course, provided there is space. The fees would be adapted.

Contact us for more information, a free trial training and/or registration

Fitness Training, Calorie Burning Training, Weight Loss, Weight reduction



Single Entrance   CHF 32.00

Pay for one training at a time. Gives you total flexibility and ensures that you only pay for what you actually use.

10 Class Pass + 1 Free   CHF 320.00

Pay for 10 trainings at once and receive an additional training for free. Valid for 12 months, non-transferable.

Expiry date can not be extended.

3 Months Unlimited    CHF 560.00

3 months unlimited training. Expiry date can be extended to reflect time for holiday, injury & illness. 

*Extensions must be communicated before travel or at the time of injury or illness.


1 Year Unlimited    CHF 1700.00

1 year unlimited training, Fitness and Martial Arts. Valid for 12 months, non-transferable,

expiry date cannot be extended.

1 Year Martial Arts Only    CHF 1300.00

1 year Martial Arts trainings only. Martial Arts includes Boxing, Thai Boxing, BJJ, and Open Gym.

Valid for 12 months, non-transferable and the expiry date can not be extended.

15% Student Discount on all regular training passes, available

with valid Student ID 

Qualitop Certified, recognized by the health insurance.. Qualitop Zertifiziert, Krankenkasse anerkannt.

We are Qualitop certified, a guarantee of quality and recognised by most health insurance companies to contribute to your fitness subscription costs.

All prices include 8.1% Swiss sales tax.

Training Passes are for regularly scheduled adult trainings and do not include

Kids Kickboxing Courses, Teens Thai Boxing Courses, Personal Training, Workshops, and Special Events.

Please review our cancellation policy, Training Passes do not cover late cancels or no shows.

Training Passes are personal and not transferable.



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our dedicated team is an international mix of experienced and certified instructors,

providing a fun, challenging and effective training for participants of all levels. 


043 541 89 93 |

Bönirainstrasse 13, 8800 Thalwil


Thanks for contacting us!

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